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Happy Married life my dear sister

Dear Sister,

Today is an extra special day for you my dear sister. It’s your wedding day. My little sister is getting married..It’s the beginning of a magnificent journey. and it's also the part of the life where the life begins. I don't know where to start and how can I start this? How about I Love you? Yeah, I Love you, my dear sister.I don't say it a lot.Also, I know always you loved to living with parents still can't believe that you're going to miss the life you have always dreamed.

Today it's something you’ve been waiting for ever since you spent time with Kalayarasan. Today is the first day of the rest of your life.Remember that "a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step" today you're going to make your first step of the beautiful journey of you're life (i.e Next chapter of your life).I can’t wait to watch you start the next chapter of your life with the luckiest men in the world. I wish you both the absolute best.

Also, Don’t get lost in the craziness of the day; remember to enjoy and appreciate these loveable moments of your life that you’ll remember for the rest of your life.

Marriage is an act of courage and commitment the likes of which the world cannot comprehend.It is the upside down love that puts someone else first.And it is the most rewarding.

Advice for my sister

I don't think so this is not the time for advice but I want you to know always I am here for you.Give me call else ping me, my doors are always open for you that will never change.

My hearty wishes for you both,
- Naveen Velu

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