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Happy Birthday Sister

You were the person I never thought I would speak to and now you are my very best cool sister.Many Birthdays has gone and more has yet to come but I never express how I feel being your brother.I believe you're out there somewhere you're enjoying your Birthday. I miss you and love you more than you can imagine it has been 5 years we have met but I spoke to you hardly think so, In the short time that we have known each other, you have inspired me and helped to pick the pieces up and I feel strong enough to face a battle if you're with me. I just remembered the quote "love makes life worth living" but the love and affection might shatter our comfort zones but all the times it will take us to deeper levels with ourselves.I have always admired how you have defined yourself. You’re a daughter, a sister, a friend ,a amazing woman—charming, a energetic,a friendly,a funny,a forgiving,a kind,a too sensitive, with an unconditional love for the downtrodden and a loving,